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    If your church is providing scholarship funds, please list the amount:

    Parent/Guardian Info:

    Parental Contract: I give the camp full authority in dealing with health and discipline problems. Furthermore, should it be necessary for the camper to return home, we (I) assume all transportation cost. I understand that photos of campers may be published on the camp website or camp literature.

    Camper Contract: I have read and understand Bethany Bible Camp Regulations. I agree to do my part to follow them. I further understand that anyone disregarding camp regulations may be sent home at his/her expense.

    Please make checks payable to Bethany Bible Camp. Mail registration/medical form & fee to:
    Bethany Bible Camp, PO Box 562, Bemidji, MN 56619
    Registrar Phone: (218) 289-9211 Camp Phone: (218) 751-6094

    Medical Certificate and Release Form

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    Health History - Check all medical/food allergies, chronic conditions, or medical problems that apply:

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    NOTE: Please leave any medications and instructions with camp nurse upon arrival. (Including OTC)