WHEN: Friday, August 14th thru Sunday, the 16th 2020

WHAT: A relaxing time, with practical teaching & good food! Competitions!! Fishing, potato gun, ax throwing, gladiator and our 2nd Pit Master Rib Cookoff! Fish Fry Saturday night!
COST: $65 registration + $40 to build a potato Gun Friday night.
Please support the retreat with a donation when coming for partial visits.
REGISTRATION: Registering online early.



FRIDAY EVE: Pastor Jesse Kneeland, Living Hope, Rogers, MN
SATURDAY AFT: Luke Edlund, Church Planter in Training, Buffalo, MN
SATURDAY EVE: Pastor Jim Johnson, AFLC Home Missions, Otsego, MN
SUNDAY MORN: Pastor Joel Kanges, Resurrection Free Lutheran, Beltrami


FRIDAY, August 14th
4:30-5:00 PM – Arrival / get settled
6:00 – Intro / Supper
7:30 – Session 1
8:30 – Potato Gun building
9:00 – Bonfire + Roasting
SATURDAY, August 15th
7:00 – Devotions
8:00 – Breakfast
Fishing Competition / Cooking for BBQ Pit Master Challenge
12:00 – Lunch / BBQ Challenge tasting
2:00 – Session 2
3:00 – Competitions
5:00 – FISH FRY!
6:00 – Session 3
7:00 – Potato Gun Contest
8:00 – Bonfire + Roasting
SUNDAY, August 16th
8:00 AM – Devotions
9:00 – Breakfast
10:00 – Morning Worship & Session 4
11:00 – Camp Cleanup / pack up
12:00 – Lunch

On Grace Lake near Bemidji. Kayaks, canoes & a rowboat are available on the grounds or bring your own boat.
– Map for directions
– Map to the boat landing
– Grace Lake contour map

WHAT TO BRING: Bible, pen(s), sleeping bag, pillow, clothes, jacket, towels, swimwear, bug repellent, toiletries, and plastic bags for clothes

FISHING COMPETITION: Try for the winning church trophy in our annual fishing competition!!  The trophy is given to the church who catches the longest fish from Grace Lake. The competition will be catch and release.  Entries to win are submitted by photos with some form of readable and standard measurement in the photo.

BBQ PIT MASTER COOKOFF: Think you’ve got the grilling skills to win 1st place? Participants must bring their own pre-packaged uncooked pork loin ribs, their own grill or smoker with any needed fuel source (coal or propane). The winner will be chosen by a blind taste test of selected men attending the retreat.

POTATO GUN CONTEST: Build your own gun, or bring your own gun, fuel source, and potatoes are available upon request. Targets will vary in size and distance, so be prepared. Do you have the best spud gun shot in the North? We’d love to see you prove it!

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